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Top stories

PLA Innovation of the Week: a new deodorant that may be smarter than you are

New ClickStick electric deodorant is the world's first "smart deodorant." Dispensing gel deodorant with the click of a button, ClickStick has a mobile app that calculates the right amount of deodorant needed - based on your personal needs and activity level - and offers a way to order refills. New in the US, it is the Datamonitor Consumer Product Launch Analytics innovation of the week...more >>

Desire for reward and luxury protects premium food and drink sales from Japanese tax increase

Japan has seen negative GDP growth for two consecutive quarters after the state consumption tax increased from 5% to 8% in April 2014, indicating a recession. The tax has no exceptions by product/service category, so the FMCG market has been affected. Despite the slowdown, a keyword that has emerged is "premium," with sales of such products showing resilience and in some cases growth...more >>

Nuclear and hydro will remain key to Sweden's energy future

Sweden's domestic energy production is one of the most carbon-friendly in the world. Conventional thermal energy accounts for only 2% of its energy production, while 98% comes from renewable energy, hydro, and nuclear power sources as of 2014. Hydro and nuclear power will produce 133.5TWh of energy by the end of 2014...more >>

The rapid rise of the beauty advent calendar

Traditionally, advent calendars have been associated with the confectionery space and have often been targeted at younger consumers. However, this concept is expanding as innovation concepts traditionally found in food and drink migrate into the personal care space. Advent calendars within the beauty space are now gaining rapid traction as a seasonal "must-have" for consumers...more >>

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France to become Europe's biggest energy exporter
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Technological solutions reel in the mass affluent
Published 11 December 2014 - Datamonitor

midata has the power to transform account switching
Published 10 December 2014 - Datamonitor

Mexican consumers driven by comfort online
Published 10 December 2014 - Datamonitor

Mobile apps critical for Malaysian mass affluent
Published 09 December 2014 - Datamonitor

PLA Innovation of the Week: a discreet new candy with skincare claims
Published 08 December 2014 - Datamonitor

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