10 Trends to Watch in Over-The-Counter Healthcare Products in 2012


Today’s consumer is much more inclined to self-diagnose and medicate than in the past, creating new opportunities for over-the-counter healthcare products. This presentation reviews 10 trends to watch in non-prescription medications, including unique delivery systems, harder working formulations, and more. Watch the webinar recording: http://bit.ly/OTChealthcarewebinar

Features and benefits

  • Consumers are living longer lives today, helping to create a vibrant market for non-prescription medications that can improve health and wellness.
  • See how companies are innovating with faster-acting medications, on-the-go products and medications that are more user friendly for older consumers.
  • Examine how technology is evolving to enable consumers to monitor both environmental and medical conditions for better outcomes.


While much of the consumer packaged goods marketplace is mired in low single-digit annual growth, over-the-counter healthcare products are an exception with sales growth that is easily outpacing population growth.

Seeking to better manage healthcare costs and medical outcomes, consumers are attracted to healthcare products that fit their busy, active lifestyles. From products that can be used anytime, anywhere to medications that are as easy to take as many foods and drinks, OTC healthcare innovation is robust.

Find out how the consumer preference for organic and natural products is beginning to spill over into OTC healthcare. Understand how product makers are satisfying the needs of information hungry consumers and encouraging better compliance.

Your key questions answered

  • What are some of the fastest-growing over-the-counter healthcare product categories, by geography?
  • What new medication format offers portion control, reduced packaging, one-handed operation and outstanding portability?
  • How are medication marketers innovating with products that are designed to look like foods, but act like medications?
  • Preferences toward natural and organic products vary by age; which age groups are most favorably disposed toward “natural” and “organic” products?


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26 Jul 2012
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